Le French Wrap @ The Gardens Mall



One of my favourite desserts is crêpes, so thin and tasty. I can think of few desserts which make my taste buds tingle as much as  crêpes with chocolate sauce and ice cream. There was a Dutch restaurant in Central London which offered savoury crêpes and although it has been too many years since I dined there, the memory of those wonderful crêpes served on large blue and white plates will remain with me.

What Le French Wrap @ The Gardens Mall offers are sweet and savoury crêpes. There are sets for breakfast, lunch and tea time. These sets come with coffee/tea or their house juice. For the lunch sets, you get a side order of your choice, either coleslaw, potato salad, steamed spinach or salad. Breakfast and tea time sets are RM10 while lunch sets are between RM13-19.

These are the lunch time sets:-

  • Le Vegetarian
  • La Lady In Tokyo
  • Le Roman
  • Le Mediterranean
  • Le Stroll In Paris
  • La Riviera
  • LeNorwegian


The seating area has limited capacity as there are just 3 small square tables and 2 high tables. During lunch time, I can see potential customers looking for empty tables. I would prefer to eat these wraps there rather than take away as they are best eaten immediately.

I ordered La Lady In Tokyo Lunch Set (RM15) which contains grilled chicken, wasabi mayo, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and red onions. As expected, the portion isn’t big and so if you are feeling hungry, this won’t fill you up. You’ll be looking around for dessert afterwards.


La Lady In Tokyo is delicious as the wasabi mayo makes all the difference. Any other sauce in there and I might not feel the same way as I love the burst of spiciness and the textures come together beautifully. I can taste the crunchiness of the lettuce and red onions and then there’s the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes. I’d come back for La Lady In Tokyo and what makes this set lunch worth the price is the tea.


I had to stifle my delight when I saw they serve Gryphon. Nothing against Boh or Lipton, I drink those all the time but Gryphon is on another level altogether as this makes my day. Be still my beating heart! I love all the Gryphon teas except Earl Grey (lost my taste for that one, doesn’t matter what brand). Ooooh, I could go on and on about how much I love Gryphon teas.