La Mer : The Regenerating Serum & The Treatment Lotion


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 The Regenerating Serum & The Treatment Lotion

The skincare trend seems to be on anti-aging products recently, what with the launches of numerous skincare that promises to lift and firm up skin. I was curious as to what anti-aging products La Mer offers as my previous experience with the brand only introduced me to their bestselling and most famous product, Creme de la Mer.

So if you are concerned with anti-aging, you might just want to check out La Mer’s The Regenerating Serum which is for accelerating skin’s natural renewal process with marine plant stem cells and Miracle Broth™ to target lines and wrinkles. The texture is very soft and fluid, absorbs immediately into my skin. The bottle looks so posh and has a pretty unique design.

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The Treatment Lotion has only been available at La Mer counters since September 2013. The 1st batch sold out at La Mer Pavilion and they’ve only just restocked. La Mer Treatment Lotion helps ‘jumpstart’ skin’s natural renewal. The Treatment Lotion immerses skin in the legendary Miracle Broth™, which acts as an energy source for the skin’s rechargeable battery, helping to renew and soften.

The New Revitalizing Ferment includes:

  • Scenedesmus originally from the desert, which was once the ocean floor. Adapting to these extreme conditions, the algae lies dormant but can be revived with a single drop of water.
  • 73 sea minerals replicating the properties naturally found in seawater, which helps to optimize skin’s natural functions.

The Treatment Lotion can either be patted on to skin with palms or applied with a cotton pad. It’s not a replacement for toner and is to be used after your toner. I think of this product as a skincare booster and maybe even a pre-serum since it is applied before your serum.

The Regenerating Serum retails at RM1080 & The Treatment Lotion at RM390.