King’s Black Sesame Potong


dsc_2317I am sure many of us have sweet memories of consuming ice cream ‘potong’ especially during our school days. It’s inexpensive and readily available from any ice cream vendor. All of us have our favourite flavours. King’s Black Sesame Potong is one of the two new flavours offered by King’s.

dsc_2322dsc_2323Known for its numerous health benefits, the Black Sesame is commonly consumed throughout Asia because of its nutritional benefits which include low cholesterol and sodium, a good source for calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus as well as a very good source of copper and manganese. It is also known to boost nutrient absorption. The refreshingly icy-cold treat delights and captivates with the unique, toasted aroma of black sesame.

King’s has revamped the Potong’s packaging in brighter colours, to match their bold flavours. Staying true to the classic Potong design, the sophisticated new packaging features the same colours familiar to generations of Malaysians but in bolder hues to appeal to today’s youth.