Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2015 : Q & A With Khoon Hooi



Having met Khoon Hooi for the 1st and only time in November 2012 prior to this latest interview, I wouldn’t think he would remember me. After all, this is a very famous designer who meets hundreds (if not thousands) of people a year and I wouldn’t have been at all offended if he didn’t recognize me but to my utter surprise (as I was backstage at his Spring Summer 2015 Show checking out his designs), he approached me with outstretched hand and told me it was nice to see me again! I was immensely flattered and thought what a great memory he had. Anyway, I had an exclusive interview with him thanks to MAC Cosmetics, the make-up sponsors of the show. Khoon Hooi is friendly and very, very gracious which makes him one wonderful designer to interview.

What is the inspiration for your Spring Summer 2015 Collection?

I was inspired by nature and used hummingbirds as they are beautiful birds rich in colours. Using these birds, the collection was developed with feathers on the clothes and scallop shaped skirts/blouses like he wings of the birds. Fabrics like brocade reflect nature and the light pastel colours have a spring feel.

What are the main colours in this collection?

Blues and greens which reflect spring like fresh air. It’s very refreshing to create these colours.

What is the difference between this Spring Summer Collection and last year’s?

The difference is this collection is more rich as there’s more embroidery and for the 1st time, there are this many pastel colours. The collection was well received in Paris.

On average, how many days does it take to create each piece?

It takes 3 days for evening wear to be created.

What is the Khoon Hooi woman like?

They love fashion, are well travelled, know what is in and out of trend, are sophisticated, love an enjoy life.

Where do you source for the fabrics?

Hong Kong and Europe.


What can we expect from Khoon Hooi in 2015?

We are exploring the Australian market, we have been in Sydney and Melbourne for a few months already. We are already stable in Europe and hope more shops pick up the label in Australia.

How long does it take to conceptualise the collection from designing to creation?

It took 3 months from start to finish.

How many outfits are there in this collection?

48 outfits with 10 to 11 evening wear.

What do you think of the MAC make-up for the show and what were your requirements for the make-up?

It’s very easy to work with them. I wanted something that reflects spring, something that looks fresh and natural. For a tinge of blue, I asked for a solid blue liner which is created by affixing blue stickers to the eyelids.