Kailijumei Secret Jelly Lipstick


dscn08361I couldn’t believe what I was looking at – a clear lipstick infused with jelly, gold flecks and to top it all, a flower in the middle of the lipstick. The brand is from China and this is probably the most unique lipstick I have ever seen. Which other brand does a clear lipstick with a flower inside?

The shade changes according to the temperature of the wearer’s lips so the warmer the lips are, the deeper and more intense the shade. There are 4 shades available (however I only say 3 testers at Guardian KLCC) namely Minutemaid, Flame Red, Barbie Doll Powder and Dream Purple. They retail at RM89.90 which is rather pricey for a drugstore lipstick but hey, you will be the center of attention when you apply this lipstick anywhere.


    • Glad to be of help, hope it is available at other Guardian outlets. Too bad I don’t know who the supplier is o’wise I will ask them for you.