It’s Black & It’s White : It’s Palgantong’s Zebra Eyes Mascara


Palgantong Make-up has been available at Sasa outlets since 2009. Its most famous product is probably the Theatrical Powders which come in rather pale/light shades. Its next most famous product is probably the Zebra Eyes Mascara which has zebra stripes 3/4 of the mascara.

Interestingly, the Mascara is only available in 1 colour, black. Well, black is surely the most saleable mascara colour. I’d go for a black mascara any time. The Zebra Eyes Mascara has a thin and long applicator, it is 2.5cm in length.

There are a few reasons why this Mascara has remained one of my favourites even though it only provides average length and volume to lashes:-

(1) it’s one of the few mascaras that don’t smudge on me;

(2) it separates and lifts lashes quite nicely without the use of an eyelash curler (please see pics below, no eyelash curler was used);

(3) it doesn’t clump lashes; and

(4) it is easy to remove, just use warm water.

In respect to giving added length/volume, this isn’t an exceptional mascara but it has good staying power and after more than a year, it still has quite a bit of formula left in the tube (yes, I know I should have chucked it away some 6 months ago but I am a hoarder).

The Palgantong Zebra Eyes Mascara is 7ml/RM79.