Invitations That State For One Pax Only But There Are Exceptions


Lately, I have received a few invitations that state that the invitation is for one pax only and so even if I want to bring a plus 1 (it’s always nice to have a friend next to you, isn’t it?), I abide by the rules. However, I find that rule is always bent for some people who say that their plus 1 is also their photographer. Now I know that these people are perfectly capable of handling professional cameras on their own but by stating that their partner is the photographer, they get around the one pax only stipulation on the invitation.

Tonight I had a food review and as per the invitation stipulation, I went on my own only to find 2 couples at my table who were from the same blog. All very well but in that case, I could have shoved a camera at my plus 1 and insisted that he/she was my photographer, right? How is it that some people can get away with bringing their partners just on that basis? Surely an invitation for one pax means exactly that.

I have no idea what I ate because everything tasted sour and I was silent throughout the dinner because I thought it most unfair that the establishment could make exceptions for others. I am all for fair play and when exceptions are made at someone’s discretion, then I feel very aggrieved.