Interview With Khoon Hooi


Ever since Khoon Hooi graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 1993, he has gained much recognition locally and abroad. He showcases his designs twice a year at Paris trade shows. His Spring/Summer 2013 had its debut at the most recent Paris Trade Show. Despite his ultra-busy schedule during preparations for his Spring/Summer 2013 Show here, he spared 10 minutes for this interview. He is well known as an avant-garde designer who always brings something fresh and new to the runway.

You have received many awards and accolades throughout your almost 20 year career. What would you consider your biggest achievement?

I’m happy that my work has been well recognised by supporters and friends but I feel that my biggest achievement is in the future.

What fabrics have you used for this Collection?

Light silk and micro-fibre with a bit of cotton linen.

How would you describe the clothes in this Collection?

There are day wear, cocktail to evening wear.

You design wedding dresses as well. How many months should a bride-to-be come to you for consultation and order before her wedding?

 Ideally 6 months to a year.

What has it been like working with MAC Cosmetics (make-up sponsor for the 1st time for a solo Khoon Hooi show)?

MAC is an international cosmetics brand which has worked with international labels for Fashion Weeks. I am proud and honoured to be working with MAC on this show and hope to continue working with MAC. MAC knows how to put on the make-up to create a fresh and spring feel which complements my designs.

What do you wish for your business in 2013?

Hopefully next year will be even better and things will go smoothly. I hope to receive more orders from European and Middle Eastern customers.