Hotshot Rookies Of Quantico


Last night, AXN screened the 1st episode of “Quantico” about a group of new FBI recruits who reported to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. I watched almost every episode of “Criminal Minds” and very often the characters in “Criminal Minds” would mention Quantico.

Anyway, the star of “Quantico” is Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish (I wonder if someone can enlighten me how someone who look 100% ethnic Indian can have a surname like Parrish, wouldn’t it be more credible for her to have an Indian surname and what’s wrong with having an Indian surname?).

There were multiple flashbacks, from the time the new recruits reported to the FBI Academy to Alex lying among the rubble of Grand Central Station, the most terrifying terrorist attack in America since 9/11. It turns out that one of Alex’s former classmates at Quantico is a suspect and was a sleeper even before he/she went to Quantico. Alex is framed for the attack and must run in order to clear her name.

It looks very promising indeed and hopefully we will learn more about Alex and her former classmates’ past in subsequent episodes. Every one of the recruits probably has a deep, dark secret which will be revealed as we watch Season 1.