Guest Review : Pop Beauty Glitter Must Have


This is the month to sparkle and shine especially if you have a lot of parties to attend. If you want your makeup to stand out in a crowd, you might want to check out Pop Beauty Glitter Must Have, a set of twelve multi-functional glitters which can be used with eye, cheek, lip, nail colours, mixed with body lotion or sprinkled on to hair. Fatin reviews this sparkly set just in time for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

It doesn’t really need to be Christmas for you to go all sparkly. Pop Beauty’s Glitter Must Have is a great addition to your bag of tricks. This glitter mini kit has 12 colours of loose glitter which you can use for almost anything.  

It can be mixed into your primer or better yet body lotion for instant radiance or a liquid eyeliner for it to pop. Mix it into a nail polish to jazz it up. You can also dust it onto your eyes or your hair, it’ll look great under the lights. You can even use as body art.  


The glitter particles are really fine so you don’t have to worry about looking like a disco ball when you decided to go sparkly. Just mix a tiny dash into anything you fancy and you’re good to go. I tried mixing the purple glitter into my body lotion it and looked pretty fun.  

As with any glitter products don’t expect to completely remove it at one go. I still had bits of glitter on myself after scrubbing. Looked like I went to one heck of a party the night before!  

Retails for RM49 at Sephora.  

Fatin’s note: Product provided by Junipers Journal for review.
Editor’s note : Thanks to Fatin for review and pics, swatches taken from Pop Beauty’s official website.