Guest Review : MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick


What a colour! I’ve never seen anything like it. Call it bright, strong, vibrant, neon pink, call it arresting, eye-catching, this incredible highly pigmented and so popular lipstick from MAC’s Quite Cute Collection was sold out everywhere before you could say “Candy Yum Yum”. It’s a bold, wear it if you dare colour which should be enough on its own or paired with toned down eye colours. When I passed it to Camie to review, I didn’t know if she would love it or hate it but looking at the pic of her wearing the colour, I think she looks gorgeous and really pulled it off.

Here’s her review of this outstanding shade:-

MAC – Oh my delicious Candy YUM YUM!

Pink, lace, sparkles, bright, sweet, fluffy, cute ~ It’s MAC’s Quite Cute collection for Spring 2011.

Heavily inspired by cute girls, colours are sugary & has exceptionally sweet elements – MAC collection snares every lass’s heart out there.

What’s so sweet about a girl? What about a plump, juicy & kissable pout? ^_^ Can’t agree more. While I may not be a diehard fan of pink lips, simply because you all would have known me by now that I’m rather tanned. I look horribly pale with sweet colors especially when it comes to pink.

The idea is to pink something according to one’s personality. I love bold colors, otherwise I’ll go for natural tone. MAC’s Quite Cute collection has a superb combination of both natural (quite) and super bold shades like for instance – Candy Yum Yum.

Bright neon pink shade for your lips is  really “go for the kill”, while making it matte is even sexier. Unlike any other shades you find anywhere, this is super, highly pigmented which if you happen to “Ooops, I slept with my lipstick on”, be prepared to have lips looking pinkish for the next day or two.

It’s very interesting to find an intense pink that works for both pale & tanned skin. It just highlights your feature and bursts in color. Unfortunately, there isn’t much design done to the packaging for this collection leaving this beauty hiding inside the conventional black tube.

However, this beauty is no longer available in store because it’s sold out everywhere (in the world). Believe it or not, its current bidding price range between £16 – £37 which costs about RM80 – RM185.

I personally recommend this for anyone who wants to emulate the Barbie look, retro 70’s, Halloween, geisha look and for photo shoots.

Thanks to Camie for the images and review.