Guest Review : L’oreal White Perfect Range


L’oreal White Perfect range is a complete range of whitening products from basic care to eyecare. As I have already reviewed the  White Perfect Micro-Vibration Eye Brightener, I passed that together with a few other White Perfect skincare to Lynnett for review.

Following the L’Oreal Revitalift White moisturiser, C also road tested three products from the L’Oreal White Perfect Range which has been around for some time now, namely the Transparent Rosy Whitening Milky Foam Wash (RM21.70/100ml), Toner (RM22.70/200ml) and Micro-Vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener (RM69.90).


First up, the facial wash lathers up well and it does a good job at removing grime, especially since C’s skin leans towards the oily type. In C’s words, “my face feels really clean – almost squeaky clean.” Needless to say, she enjoyed the clean feeling very much. Tourmaline gemstone is one of the key ingredients of this facial wash which helps brighten skin.


As for the toner, C found that it suits her skin type well. Its pleasant scent scored a couple of brownie points too.  Unlike the Revitalift moisturiser, the combination of these products worked wonders for C as she noticed an improvement in her complexion after using it for about a week or so. This is because she’s out in the sun a lot so a slightly brighter skin will definitely not go unnoticed.


Last but not least, the eye brightener which I happen to be using when I found it in the beauty stash. Now you know why I passed the responsibility to my friend! It comes with a vibration tool that is said to produce 130 micro vibrations per second. Again, tourmaline gemstone is used in this cream formula and claims to reduce dark circles, spots and puffiness. I’m not sure about you but I don’t think I’ve seen any spots around my eyes so far. But hey, I’m no expert.

Okay, I’ll take a bold step and tell you about my personal experience of this eye brightener first. This product is pretty user-friendly; it’s divided into two parts – a blue top which houses the vibration tool and a lower white tube which contains the cream – and it has numbering on both parts to inform consumers which part to be used first. I first discovered this when I wasn’t that into skin care so despite saying it’s user-friendly, I struggled with trying to get to the cream. It wasn’t until I paid close attention to the numbering and realized I’d need to twist and turn the two parts to open it. Talk about epic bimbo moment. Okay, I’m digressing.

So with this eye brightener, just do your usual thing and first apply the cream. Follow by a light eye massage with the vibration too. It’s a change from the usual eye roll-on you see on shelves; unfortunately it doesn’t do much for me. It does depuff but so far, my dark circles are still looking…for the lack of a better term, pretty dark.

However, to C’s (and my) delight, she found it to work for her eye bags; a little after a week of usage, they were less obvious. She also notices that using it in the morning makes her eyes look less tired, thanks to the cream’s slightly pearlescent colour which is probably from the tourmaline gemstone. As my dear friend was never into skin care (I literally had to put the little bag of products in her hands but thank god she was willing to be my white mouse), she didn’t feel comfortable with the vibration tool for the first couple of days. Okay, that sounded quite wrong but you know what I mean. To conclude, this range is worth trying for anyone looking for a more even skin tone without breaking the bank.


Editor’s note : Thanks to Lynnett for the review and images. Products were provided by L’oreal Paris Malaysia for review.