Good Things Come To Those Who Wait And It Certainly Applies To These Masks


img_20200518_103436I know I have a compulsion for buying fabric masks, just can’t seem to stop! Saw these ones on Shopee Malaysia last week and they are RM10 each from a seller in Penang (pawwoowwwoow). They offered free shipping for RM19 purchase but it took me the better part of the day to get the free shipping because the system wouldn’t allow me to click on any of my RM19 free shipping vouchers. It did allow me if I used the Shopee Pay free shipping voucher so after consulting with the friendly and responsive seller, I set up Shopee Pay but then the system again wouldn’t allow me to get free shipping. It was a frustrating and exasperating process as I tried again and again.

Finally I claimed a new free shipping voucher and applied it quickly when I discovered that worked. Never mind the extra 5% extra cash back in Shopee coins if I had used Shopee Pay. I just wanted the matryoshka and fruits masks as they are so cute. I could have bought one more nice one but I wanted to see the quality of the masks first. I have bought masks which looked nice in the photos but turned out to be rather rough.

The seller shipped the day after I ordered which was 15th May. The parcel arrived at J&T Express storage hub near my place yesterday morning so I went to collect only to be told it was not there, it was out for delivery even though the status still said the parcel was there. Anyway I had not received any message saying the parcel was out for delivery as I normally would receive when my parcel is on the way to me. Waited all day and status was unchanged. After 8pm last night, the status stated that the parcel was at the storage hub which meant it was never out for delivery.

img_20200518_103732img_20200518_103631Second attempt to collect this morning and this time successful. The masks are very lovely and worth the price which is more than what I have paid for my other fabric masks. There is a filter pocket in each mask and they are very comfortable to wear. That’s why I say good things come to those who wait and wait I certainly did for these. One of the seller’s customers was luckier than me as the person ordered on 15th and the parcel was at his/her doorstep by 16th. He or she ordered one day after me and received the parcel 2 days before me.