My Block List Is Getting Longer & Longer


190712-impostor-phone-calls-scams-main-kh_9c0abd2a4532a98a78068d33a74e9b6fThere have always been calls informing me my credit card has been used for some purchase or other and various other issues where I supposedly have to report to some police station but lately (since MCO started in March) such calls have become more frequent. It has always puzzled me how some people can lose hundred of thousands of ringgit to scammers but I guess they have been so scared into parting with their money. After all, most of us don’t want any problem with law enforcers.

A few weeks ago, I got a call saying she was calling from the Ampang police station. Firstly if it was really from the police station, they wouldn’t be using a mobile number to call me. They would be using a landline number. I usually get such calls from a machine generated voice but this time I was speaking to a human. I really felt like asking her how much she got paid for doing such a sinful job. Obviously it didn’t bother her conscience that some people would be fooled into thinking it was genuinely from the police station.

I am sure the majority of people she called would have hung up on her like I did but obviously she will get one victim eventually. It bothers me that my personal details have been appropriated or sold to such people and they are misusing our particulars to enrich themselves in an illegal manner.