Free Facials Are Great But Afterwards You Have To Endure The Hard Sell


too-good-to-be-true-quote-2-picture-quote-1Since 2020, I haven’t had any facials until last month when I redeemed one using Shopee coins on the Shopee app. Then I clicked on a link for a free facial 2 days ago and redeemed it today. It’s not that difficult to get a free facial if you look hard enough but you have to endure the hard sell that comes after the facial when you will inevitably be asked to pay a few hundred or multiple thousands for a facial package.

How does anyone put a true value on facials? They can even value a facial at RM999 & no one would be able to verify if it’s truly worth that price. The facial I redeemed on the Shopee app was a basic facial. The one I went for today was described as an anti-aging lifting facial worth RM660. Both facials took about 2 hours including consultation time.

Today’s consultation was too long. On top of all the usual questions, the beautician asked me if I used this or that skincare, itemising each one as she went along, e.g. milk cleanser, toner, day and night moisturiser, serum, ampoule, mask, sunscreen, etc. By the way, why do they have to know whether you are married or not, have kids or not?

I can’t even say that today’s facial was that relaxing as the machine for lifting skin didn’t make for an enjoyable time. The beautician had to press the device attached to the machine hard against my face. It was uncomfortable and even painful.

During the rather stressful facial, she kept saying that I should come for follow-up facials twice a week. I had a feeling the facials wouldn’t be cheap even if I signed up for a package. True enough, their package was for 10x, 20x and 30x with the 10x price tag costing a few Ringgit short of RM4k. If I had that kind of money to spare, I am more likely to use it for physiotherapy for my annoying heel spur.

Then of course they tell you that the special price for the package is only applicable for today. No going home and thinking about it business. Luckily, I had a ready excuse, that I didn’t think I could get used to that facial. The beautician tried to get me to sign up for 2 facials at a small discount, but I turned that down too. What I dislike are scare tactics, like when the beautician tried to frighten me by saying that if I didn’t receive subsequent treatments, I could get a stroke because my lymph nodes were blocked.

So in conclusion, only go for free facials if you are confident that you can withstand the hard sell onslaught afterwards. I think that it’s fine if they offer potential customers a package deal but I could do without the scare tactics as it’s unnecessary and doesn’t work on me.