First Physiotherapy Session At B-Physica Physiolates Centre

B-Physica Physiolates Centre Taman Desa
B-Physica Physiolates Centre Taman Desa

Anyone who has ever needed physiotherapy will know that it’s not a quick cure for pains and ailments, be it back/shoulder pain or other mobility issues. Yes, physiotherapy involves a few sessions at the minimum. Last year, I visited a few physiotherapy centres and even signed up for packages at one of them at the beginning of 2022. The latest physio centre I visited at the end of last year was B-Physica Physiolates Centre Taman Desa where I’d gone for a complimentary consultation in November.

I went there on the morning of Boxing Day and my therapist ushered me to the treatment room where she administered ultrasound and applied pressure point massage to release the tension on my heel. My heel spur problem is really getting from bad to worse. When the inflammation flares up, I can feel the soreness even when I am sitting down.

After the physio session
With my friendly physiotherapist

B-Physica Physiolates Centre Taman Desa offers and they were having a session during the time I was there. I have tried yoga but yet to try Pilates. I’d try it at this centre when curiosity gets the better of me. My therapist also guided me on how to walk properly to alleviate the soreness on my heel – I shouldn’t swing my legs when walking and should walk as if I am marching. It’s not that easy and takes a lot of practice to get it right but I am grateful for the advice.

This is an excellent physio centre where all the staff are genuinely caring and while they do let me know that they offer packages, there’s no hard-selling like some other centres. I’m taking a break from physio sessions at the moment as I went to so many last year without much progress.