First Experience With False Lashes


I’ve always admired the Shu Uemura and MAC Makeup Artists who have false eyelashes on. These 2 brands are reputed to have the best false eyelashes which range from the natural to the daringly dramatic. It’s one of the things to strike off my list of “things-to-do-before-I-die” – try on false eyelashes.

So on my 3rd visit backstage at MIFW (ok, I shall hold my tongue finger lest I be accused of not letting the matter rest), Beno Lim, MAC’s Senior Artist from Singapore who headed 10 member Malaysia’s Artistic Team offered to touch up my makeup. I tried my hardest to control my excitement. The man who has made up celebrities and superstars like Fergie of Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga offered to touch up my makeup, it really made my day year.

After he’d expertly applied some eyeshadow over my own amateurishly blended eyeshadow, I saw him open a false eyeshadow case, take out Lash 4, run it over some glue and after a few seconds, he stuck it on my eyelids. It felt prickly, the way one feels wearing contact lens for the very first time.

The prickly sensation didn’t go away and I wondered how people could wear it all day but I soon got used to it after a couple of hours. At one point, I even forgot I had them on! I fell in love with this pair and considered giving away all my mascaras. None of my mascaras could even come close to achieving the look given by false eyelashes.

Lash 4 is actually one of MAC’s more natural looking lashes but when I had these on, I instantly felt 100x more glamorous and confident even though I had a t-shirt on that day. Yes, I made it a point to go casual since I wasn’t wasting my time waiting outside “The Great Room” that night.

Having these on made me wonder why I hadn’t got myself a pair before. It’d save a lot of effort trying to get lashes curled and finding a mascara that could lengthen, volumize as well as curl. Apparently, these lashes can be worn up to 15x, perhaps even more if used and stored properly.

The above pic shows the glue which is available at MAC outlets. I asked one of their retail managers the best way to apply the lashes. She demonstrated by dispensing some glue on to the back of her hand and said that the lash joint (the piece at the top that holds all the lashes together) should be dipped on to the glue, then fan the lash gently to allow the glue to set. She recommends curling my (real) lashes first before putting the falsies on.

I will be keeping the lashes for special occasions and the next time I have them on, it’ll probably be with the assistance of one of the MAC MUAs otherwise I might risk losing one or both of the lashes in my drink/soup/meal. I like them more than I can say and I think they really make a huge difference to my eyes when I have them on.



MAC’s false lashes are RM45 and the glue is RM40.