Finding Serenity At Amcorp Mall


Frequent visitor as I am to Amcorp Mall because of Book Xcess, I have never tried any facials there until Dealmates had another deal too irresistible to pass up. Moreover, I haven’t had a facial in months so it was time to go as soon as the deal became valid. I thought I was the earliest bird at Serenity Skin Therapy since I went on the afternoon of Day One but someone else beat me to it.

Anyway, I chose Serenity at Amcorp Mall because it’s the most accessible to me. The other outlets are at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (where parking is a nightmare) and e@curve (too far away). Amcorp Mall does have quite a few facial salons which I have always wanted to try out but somehow never got round to it until now.

Serenity Skin Therapy outlets are the stockists of Thalgo products. Thalgo is well known for their skincare and bodycare products. I don’t know that much about the brand other than what I read on their website. Having a Thalgo Facial was a good way of getting to know more about the products rather than just going to one of their retail outlets and testing the products on the back of my hand.

Thalgo products have always seemed pricey to me even though I hadn’t even stepped foot into any of their retail outlets. Serenity Skin Therapy at Amcorp Mall has 4 beauty rooms, 2 of them with 1 single bed, 1 room with 2 single beds if you’d like to go with a friend and 1 room for body treatments. Apparently, their appointment schedule is very full on weekends.

There are 3 choices of Thalgo Facials with this deal, Moisturising, Detoxifying or Firming. Naturally, I chose the last option since I am badly in need of firming. Moisturising comes a close second but I’d rather have firmer skin any day.

As you can see from the pic above, the room is quite small and narrow but I’d say it’s adequately equipped with all sorts of gadgets which will be used during the facial. After changing into the pink robe you see on the bed above, I didn’t have to wait long for my therapist who was very nice.

She cleansed my face with eye makeup remover and a cleansing milk. Then she applied a scrub and used a brush to scrub my face thoroughly. Then, she switched on the steamer to open up my pores. I think it was supposed to be over my face for just 5 minutes but it was on for far longer than that, perhaps as long as 15-20 minutes. It didn’t feel too uncomfortable though since it wasn’t too near my face.

The manager of the salon took over from the therapist as she had to attend to someone or something else but I didn’t mind as she was equally amiable and I could ask her all sorts of questions about the facial process and products. It didn’t take long for her to extract my blackheads and the sole oil seed.

It appears that I am in need of anti-aging or rather firming products since I have some sagging issues but otherwise, I got a clean bill of health for my skin. After the extraction process which was relatively painless, she used another gadget which is similar to that used at the Estee Lauder Skin Cabine. It’s to help close up the pores, among other things.

Next, she applied toner with a cotton pad and spritzed my face with Reviving Marine Mist (love that scent!) and applied Thalgogive Densifying Firming Serum With Liftiline (RM355). She massaged my face briefly with another gadget called “Cold Machine” which felt really icy cool when it was rolled over my face. Wish I had that at home on especially humid days.

An eye cream or was it serum(?) was applied around my eyes and she began the eye treatment with a pressure point massage. This was followed by the facial massage using Thalgogive Perfect Contour Cream (RM315). My neck and shoulders were also massaged. I liked the firm strokes, always makes me feel like I am getting my money’s worth when my face is massaged well.

Then, it was time for the mask using the Thalgogive Firming Gel Mask. It is left on for 20 minutes and during this time, I believe I had a 10 minute cat nap. I only woke up when I heard voices at the reception area. It’s not often that I can fall asleep during facials.


Once the mask was removed, Oxygen SOS Serum was applied and I was good to go. The scent of Thalgo products is lovely just as I expected. Pricewise, the firming serums are on par with certain counter brands. I liked the facial as my face now feels very clean. I shouldn’t complain since I didn’t choose the moisturising facial but I would have liked my skin to have been more hydrated. Of course, I don’t expect instant lifting or firming results with just one Firming Facial. That would be unrealistic.

Currently, there is a promotion on their Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment. Purchase a package of 10 IPL Treatments at a 40% discount (each IPL Treatment costs RM600) but appointments for this Treatment must be made only between 11am-4pm on weekdays. Serenity Skin Therapy at Amcorp Mall is at Lot 268, 2nd Floor and their telephone number is 03-7955 3633.