Dare To Go Bare : Apronbay Shows The Way


Ever since I heard about Apronbay last year, I’d been curious about their services, in particular Brazilian waxing. My first visit there was just to find out more about the process and to determine whether I would be prepared to undergo the “whole works”, so to speak.

It wasn’t so much the potential embarassment of exposing the nether regions to a complete stranger who was a professional anyway. It was the thought of perhaps wincing in pain or even worse, yelping unashamedly every time the hair came off. I guess the imagination was worse than the actual process.

So when I was offered a choice between having my eyebrows shaped or body waxing, I had to rise to the challenge and choose the latter service. It was only right and proper as an intrepid beauty reviewer to go through something one had never undergone before.

Pedicure area
Manicure area
Being a wax virgin, I had no idea that there were so many types of Brazilian waxing, there was of course the most famous and popular, the Rio De Janeiro with everything off and then there were the Paris and Sao Paolo which left a rectangular strip of hair from the tip of the labia all the way to the back and a triangle respectively.


It was very educational and enlightening to learn about the different types of waxes used.
There are 4 used by Apronbay currently with more coming in soon:-


(1) Orange Wax or Cristalline contains no beeswax and is hypoallergenic. Used for sensitive skins and fine hairs.

(2) Euroblond Wax used for underarms and legs.

(3) Rose Wax (used on me) is for first timers and short, coarse hairs.

(4) Home Wax for stubborn, ingrown hairs.

J’d been advised to scrub the pubic area a day before the appointment so that dead skin cells could be removed, enabling easier removal of hair follicles. I must admit to stepping into the waxing room (as almost everyone knows by now, the rooms all have destination themes since Apronbay has an air travel concept) with some trepidation. I was ushered into the Contemporary Room (there are 4 other themed rooms).


Would I be screaming in agony each time the wax was pulled along with the hair that had never been parted from the follicles for far too long? Would I be jumping up from the bed and wussing out? These thoughts swirled through my mind as I lay on the bed preparing for the therapist to attend to me.

There are no soft toys to clutch on to which was fine by me. I always thought I had a high pain threshold anyway. The therapist said I could put on the disposable thong but what would be the point of that? It’d only make her job more difficult so I just went commando. Embarassment was the least of my worries.

Hot wax is applied to the genital area with a wooden spatula and rest assured, there is no double dipping at all. The therapist disposed of each spatula each time she applied the wax. Once the wax hardens, the therapist grabs hold of a corner of the wax and rips it off quickly. Sometimes she applied wax on more than one area at a time. I guess that makes the process quicker.

At first, there wasn’t much pain but then after the larger areas had been stripped of hair and she went on to the smaller areas especially around the labia, the wax felt too hot once or twice and she then took wax from another pot (there were 2 pots which she alternated between). The heat to melt the wax is carefully controlled, the wax just felt too hot because the areas on which it was applied were sensitive areas.

So much for my high pain threshold, I admit to yelping unashamedly a few times when the therapist worked on the labia area. She worked quickly and efficiently but since this was my first time, the whole process took about half an hour. There must have been a lot of hair but I didn’t take a peek at the amount removed.

The last part of the waxing involved bending my knees so that she could work on the more inner areas. She also had to tweeze the short hairs and that was probably the most painful part of the process for me. It was a relief when it was time to turn over for hair to be removed from the anal region since it marked the end of the process.

Post-wax care products

Apronbay’s advise for post-waxing care is to scrub the waxed area only on the 4th day after waxing. There are certain activities to avoid within 24 hours of waxing and these include not taking a swim, going into a steam bath or vigorous exercising.

There was some stubble after the waxing session but the short hairs cannot be completely removed by waxing. I’d rather have the stubble than endure more tweezing though. Hair started to grow back within a few days of waxing. I’m going to wait a couple more weeks before going back for a second round. It does feel good to have a genital area devoid of hair as it makes cleaning much easier and once I go bald (down there), I’m not going back (to being hairy!).


Apronbay’s Brazilian Wax service is priced at RM98 with a discount for first-timers. They are located at 6-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur and their telephone number is 03-2287 8081. They are closed on Mondays. While you have your manicure/pedicure, you can order food and beverages from Bisou and Fit For 2, their menus are available at Apronbay.

Note : The Brazilian Waxing was courtesy of Apronbay.