Finally Finished But What Happened To The Lettering?


It has taken me more than a year to finish this bottle of Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation which was given to me for review at an event last year, memorable for all the wrong reasons. It was the only event I’ve ever attended where I wished I had never been invited. I won’t go into the details but I’ve never felt as unwelcome as I did then and no one, irregardless of how old their blog is, should be made to feel unimportant, insignificant and small, especially not by people who represent the brand. It’s unacceptable and pretty much unforgivable. That event gave me a whole new perspective of how I was perceived in the blogosphere, basically as a very small fry. Being patronising, not once but twice does not make for a good start. No product, no matter how good or expensive is worth it if one is made to feel more inferior to others.

No matter how I am treated at any event, I remain objective in my reviews of the product(s). I shouldn’t take out my frustration on the product and I will give credit where it’s due. There was nothing I disliked about Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle but it wasn’t long before the lettering on the front and back of the glass bottle started peeling and went all over the place. This should not happen to a foundation which is far more expensive than drugstore brands.

To make matters worse, the foundation messes up the cap every time it’s pumped out. It’s become so messy that I can barely bear to look at it and it’s a pain to clean it each time. I’m so glad I am finished with this product.