The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream SPF30PA++




Frankly, I don’t see much difference between BB and CC Creams and I’ve always thought the benefits were more or less the same. After all, CC Creams also claim to brighten complexions and I know some of you out there may say that CC Creams are more for color control but then again, don’t some BB Creams also claim the same thing? Anyway, I am not going to split hairs here.

I purchased The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream SPF30PA++ some time ago and have been using it irregularly. Not that I dislike it, in fact I think it’s rather good because it has a soft and smooth texture which is easily blendable and I like the packaging a lot because it is so hygienic. To dispense, just press the button in front of the compact and the product comes out from the middle of the compact. One pump is enough for me.

There are just 3 shades : 01 Bright Beige, 02 Natural Beige and 03 Medium Beige. Mine is 02 as recommended by The Face Shop consultants. I thought the puff would be useful but I have hardly used it as it is too thin and feels flimsy. I just use my fingers. It’s quicker than using the puff to blend.

So yes, it does brighten, adds luminosity and evens out skin tone. Coverage is about medium, I can still see some of my dark spots after it has been blended but then again, I wouldn’t expect many BB or CC Creams out there to give as full coverage as foundations.



I think the SPF level of this product is acceptable, not too low. However, those of you who need or are accustomed to a higher level of SPF can just apply a sunscreen of SPF50 under this CC Cream. There’s no way of knowing you’re going to run out of the product until one fine day when you press 10x and nothing comes out any more.

This is a good alternative to liquid foundations which can feel a bit heavier. The texture of this CC Cream is quite lightweight and it’s long-lasting as I didn’t experience any oxidation throughout 8+ hours of wear.

The Face Shop Aura Color Control Cream SPF30PA++ retails at RM119.90/20g. Refills are available at RM69.90.


  1. I heard many good reviews about face shop CC cream. There are many variations as to what CC cream does. Many claims that it has skincare benefits. I think the main differences that I find between CC cream and BB cream is the ingredients itself. CC cream of course doesn’t have high coverage as BB cream but it gives more luminosity to the skin. Korean will mix bb cream and cc cream for a better coverage plus adding the usage of cc cushion now.