Evolu Travel Tower



Going away for a few days means having to pack essential skincare and when you have a routine, you can’t do without cleanser, exfoliator, eyecare, day and night moisturiser. Instead of bringing along separate tubes, pots and bottles of skincare, isn’t it more convenient to take along a stack of containers such as what Evolu offers in the form of the Travel Tower, a twist-together stack of six Evolu botanical products for all skin types. It even comes with an additional lid so that the stack can be divided in two or on occasions when you just want to take one or two tubs along. This stack is quite useful as it can be re-filled with your own products after they are finished.

There are 10ml of each product in the stack which is enough for at least 3 days’ usage.


This creamy cleanser has geranium, calendula, apricot & St. John’s Wort. It’s quite thick and effectively removed my eye make-up, foundation, powder, blush without leaving any residues. It didn’t sting my eyes either, very gentle on the eyes.


Has tiny granules and a fruity scent because it contains Jojoba beads and active Papaya extract.

soothing eye gel

My favourite product in this stack is the Soothing Eye Gel because it cools eyes without it being kept in the fridge. Feels instantly de–puffing and soothing. Contains aloe vera, eyebright extract, amica and mamaku fern extract.

day cream

The Balancing Day Cream is for normal or combination skins. It may look thick but it is actually quite light and absorbs well into skin. It helps regulate normal hydration and control the tendency to swing from dryness to oily sheen that typifies combination skin. Contains Kiwifruit, Blackcurrant and Meadowfoam.

overnight cream

The Balancing Overnight Cream feels thicker and richer than the Balancing Day Cream. This one contains Borage, Irish Moss and Spirulina Extracts.

hand cream

The Nourishing Hand Cream has a very botanical scent, contains Harakeke, Kiwifruit, Carrot Seed Oil and pure Vitamin E to reduce dryness and promote cell regeneration. Feels a bit too thick, I’d prefer a more fluid texture.

Evolu Travel Tower reviewed is a press sample.