Every Now And Then…..


….along comes a limited edition product which is so unforgettable that you’ll regret not having purchased a 2nd one (this happens very rarely for me as repurchases are more unlikely than likely) and that’s exactly what happened a couple of years ago when MAC first came out with the Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator in their Style Black Collection. In its 1st incarnation, it was packaged in a tub which wasn’t so ideal because every time I took some out in the shower, I had to make sure my hands were quite dry.

Now it’s made its reappearance in the Heavenly Creatures Collection. It was a hallelujah moment for me as I’ve waited 2 years for it to come back. This time, it’s in a transparent squeeze tube which is so much better for use in the shower.

This is the blackest exfoliator I’ve ever seen. It’s thick and concentrated, somewhat lumpy and definitely gritty especially when water hasn’t been added to it yet. It can be used on face and body. When I purchased it 2 years ago, I used it sparingly mostly as a face scrub as it is expensive plus I didn’t have a back-up.

Despite how it looks, it isn’t harsh at all. Not for me anyway although the sugar crystal particles aren’t that fine and I like my scrubs to feel like they are really scrubbing. This one is phenomenal as it feels like it’s scrubbing away all the dead skin cells, leaving the surface much clearer and softer.

It does look like a messy black and indeed, you’ll see bits and pieces of it in the tub or shower floor after you’ve rinsed off but it’s so good that I don’t mind. I can’t think of a better face cum body scrub than this. Pricey it may be at RM90/100ml but you certainly get what you pay for and then some!

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.