Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Age-Renewal Creme & Eye Creme



Estee Lauder introduces 2 new additions to their Re-Nutriv range – Intensive Age-Renewal Creme and Intensive Age-Renewal Eye Creme, products for smoothing, refining, renewing. Both products have been formulated with RVF-10™ cell boosting technology. Products are for those seeking to reduce current fine lines and prevent the appearance of future wrinkles. To apply the eye cream, it’s recommended that it be massaged around the eye area in an anti-clockwise direction from inner to outer area in a 360° motion.


Re-Nutriv Intensive Age-Renewal Creme retails at RM800.

Re-Nutriv Intensive Age-Renewal Eye Creme retails at RM340.


    • Eeeeps! Actually, the creme is USD190 so RM800 is more than 4x the US price but the Eye Creme is USD110 and RM340 here so the conversion rate for the Eye Creme is more value for us, don’t you think?

  1. I agree with you regarding the cream, however for the eye cream maybe would be even cheaper at duty free shops at airports. Hehe! I feel RM340 for a tub of eye cream is costly unless the results are instant and visible.