Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale 2017


img-20170116-wa0006Having attended the Estee Lauder Staff Sale for the past 5 years (maybe 6), I could well be suffering from sale fatigue this year because I didn’t join my friends in the queue at 6am. One of them was there by 6am while the other came from Seremban and got there at 720am. I was awake by 6am because my friend sent me a text message but I just couldn’t muster enough willpower and determination to go there in the wee hours of the morning. Too much effort and it wasn’t as if I wanted anything from the sale.

By 6am, my friend was at the end of the 1st row of the queue and she complained about a group of 6 women jumping into the queue, ahead of the lady in front of her. Yes, some people can do such things as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The doors opened before 8am and thereafter, my friend sent me a series of messages regarding what she saw.


She didn’t notice any Christmas, fragrance or skincare sets from any of the brands. At previous sales and especially at the EL Staff Sale last year, I noticed there were plenty of value sets from just about all the brands under Estee Lauder Malaysia. It was slim pickings this year as my friend said there were only individual products on offer.

I arrived at Berjaya Times Square Hotel after 10am when just about every bargain hunter had come and gone. As I still had my ticket and my friends had extra, we all went in together. I went to say hello to the MAC staff since they passed me the tickets but I didn’t bother to look at what the other brands had left.

Anyway, one of my friends had a fantastic time as her haul was worth over RM2k and these are some of the items she bought.






dscn2245My friend is a huge fan of Estee Lauder skincare and buys a lot at regular prices. I am sure she would have bought even more if there had been skincare sets available. She says that she has enough now for the next 2 years but I told her she would be back for the next sale now that she has seen the bargain prices (it’s her first time at this sale).


  1. KL/Selangor people are very lucky. Always have warehouse sales here and there. Been there once all the way from penang, it was a definitely a bargain, but when I included the travel expenses and time spent, it wasn’t really that worth it, unless you buy a lot. Anyway, I’m happy and satisfied with my loot from two years ago. Hehe.

    • Yeah, they rarely have warehouse sales in major cities outside of KL like Penang & JB but I agree that if you add the travelling expenses, then you won’t have saved much. Still, it’s a lot of fun for most people as they get to buy for themselves and as gifts for their friends and family. I am glad you at least had that experience once.

  2. I went there 1 times before, very excited when saw the sales especially I am Estee Lauder user. I spent a lot and saves a lot. Haha.

    • Not sure if I am going…have already been to 7 sales consecutively. However you can PM me on Facebook and let me know what you need/want.

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