Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia Earth Month 2012 Campaign


In reaffirming her commitment towards conserving Mother Nature, the Estée Lauder Companies Malaysia celebrates her 4th year in this cause. Through Earth Month 2012 campaign, Estée Lauder Companies aims to educate the public and employees on the importance of environmental conservation and adopting a lifestyle that is sustainable. Specifically this year, Estée Lauder Companies drives the reduction on the use of plastic bottles and paper.

With this in mind and in conjunction with World Environment Day, Estée Lauder Companies partners Parkson Corporation with a fun filled and objective driven month long campaign celebrating Earth Month.  This year, the campaign kicked-off this morning at Bintang Entrance at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Present at the event were Paul Slavin, Managing Director, Estée Lauder Companies Malaysia, Raymond Teo, Chief Operating Officer, Parkson Corporation, Estée Lauder Companies employees, media representatives and partners. It was also supported by the presence of friends of Estée Lauder Companies Earth Month 2012: Aric Ho, Cheryl Lee, Dina Nadzir, DJ Luke, Fara Fauzana and Jojo Struys.

Mr. Paul Slavin, MD of Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia

Paul Slavin, Managing Director of Estée Lauder Companies Malaysia highlights “It has always been a fundamental philosophy of Estée Lauder Companies to strive to be good corporate citizens. In Malaysia, we actively support projects that protect the ecological and social well being of the country. In 2012, our 25th year in Malaysia, we are proud to continue this tradition.”

Raymond Teo, Chief Operating Officer of Parkson Corporation explains “This year, Parkson is celebrating its 25th anniversary and this collaboration with Estée Lauder Companies is the perfect opportunity to give back to nature and to the society. This is also the 2nd year we are working with Estée Lauder Companies after the success of last year’s campaign. We are truly happy to be able to do more under our Corporate and Social Responsibility programmes for nature, community and the society.”

Stainless steel water bottle 

Earth Month is an avenue in which Estée Lauder Companies Malaysia aims to help conserve the environment by raising funds through the campaign to be channeled to Malaysian Nature Society. This year, a limited edition stainless steel water bottle is made exclusively available at selected Parkson and Origins stores from 1st – 30th June 2012. With this bottle, Estée Lauder Companies hopes to reduce disposable plastic bottle waste in the country by giving Malaysians an alternative. Malaysians are urged to take part in this campaign by purchasing this stainless steel water bottle at RM30.00. 100% of its proceeds will be donated to the Malaysian Nature Society for the preservation and protection of Belum-Temengor Forest complex.

The Belum-Temengor Forest Complex is said to be more than 130 million years old, even older than the Amazon Forest or Congo and more complex in its biodiversity. The current remains of the Temengor Forest is a large landscape ecosystem, supporting large mammal populations such as Asian Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan Tiger, Malayan Gaur (Seladang), Leopard and Tapir. The Malaysian Nature Society promotes this natural heritage together with the cultural and diversity of indigenous communities and aims to sustain viable wildlife population of the species within this forest complex.

As a venue partner of the campaign, Pavilion KL has also contributed by purchasing 200 bottles worth RM 6000.00 to support this great cause. Pavilion KL is proud to be part of an initiative that reaches out to the community, driving a positive message about changing lifestyles to ensure an overall environmental betterment. As a leading shopping and lifestyle destination in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion KL believes that they too have a responsibility which will be fulfilled by leading by example and being part of the movement towards protecting the environment. Other sponsors of Estée Lauder Companies Earth Month campaign include – Michelangelo’s and Chintoo.

To cultivate green consciousness amongst its employees, Estée Lauder Companies will also be adopting a paperless Friday every month of the year. On this day, all printers in the company will be shut down and employees are encouraged to hold “green meetings” with no printed paper handouts.

Join Estée Lauder Companies in making the Earth a better place for all. Your effort will go a long way for Mother Nature.