Essence Cosmetics Kisses From Italy Collection


dsc_6225One of my favourite drugstore cosmetics brands at Watsons is Essence Cosmetics because they always have cute limited edition collections. The latest is the Kisses From Italy Collection, inspired by the land of colorful houses, beautiful rocky coastlines and the sparkling sunshine reflecting in ocean.

dsc_6229Blush Paper

The special paper conjures-up a fresh and radiant complexion. simply dab onto the cheeks and repeat to enhance the effect.

dsc_6231The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume & Curl Mascara

The favorite in the essence standard range is now available in a limited design. the curl fiber brush provides maximum volume and ensures beautifully curled lashes with a “false-lash” effect.

dsc_6230Mini Lipstick Kit

A kit of three size travel size lipstick characterized by a semi-matte finish and from rosy nuances, more or less intense.

dsc_6228Dry Shampoo Blotting Paper

Now this has to be a first as I have never seen dry shampoo blotting paper, only dry shampoo in a spray or powder. This is a kit of leaflets to rub on the root of the hair to make them immediately fresher and lighter. Ideal for those who want to postpone a hair wash.

dsc_6227Sunkissed Mini Body Spray

Characterized by one liquid texture like water and by the presence of micro reflective articles gold color, which give a unique brightness to the skin.

dsc_6232Sorbet Effect Hand Cream

Characterized by a special sorbet texture, very light and fresh on the hands.