Cezanne Single Color Eyeshadow Nuance Pink


dsc_6220Cezanne Single Color Eyeshadow comes in such a small case but that’s all right with me as I prefer teeny-weeny eyeshadows. It takes me too long to finish single eyeshadows so the smaller the better for me anyway. This way, I don’t have too many unfinished eyeshadows around. I have been using Cezanne Single Color Eyeshadow Nuance Pink which is quite a pretty shade on its own. It comes in a clear case so you can identify the shades without having to open the cover.

dsc_6222This is a moisturizing and smooth textured eyeshadow. Apply more layers to build intensity. It contains microparticles for easy application. It contains 5 types of beauty ingredients, namely Hyaluronic acid Na, Evening Primrose oil, Adansonia Digitata seed oil, Vivis Vinefera (Grape) Seed Oil and Rosa Canina Fruit Oil.