What I have always found unique about ESACADA fragrances is that they contain almost equal parts of fruity and floral scents. I like such scents because I am not too fond of fragrances which are too fruity or floral. A balance of both is hard to achieve but ESCADA has done that very well in all their previous fragrances.

ESCADA Joyful is the latest ESCADA fragrance – the intention is to capture happiness in a bottle. I wonder if that is possible, guess it depends on how skeptical one is. I think that this is more of a floral fragrance than fruity + floral because it is inspired by the moment of joy one feels when receiving a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, the fragrance reveals a beautiful, fresh pink peony surrounded by dewy white florals. Miranda Kerr is the new face in the advertising campaign for this fragrance.

This is a delicate and light floral fragrance. Magnolia oil and pink peony are enhanced by the newly synthesized moss note called Florimoss which adds depth to the fragrance.

Top Notes

The fragrance opens with blackcurrant sorbet which releases a gentle icy sensation to the skin. Energizing notes of mandarin and melon give the fragrance a free-spirited, playful energy.

Heart Notes

The fruity accords are balanced by a twist of violet leaves, adding sparkle and shimmer to the fragrance, while pink peony adds a light vitality. Natural magnolia oil is deepened by the perfect blend of cyclamen and peppering pink freesia.

Base Notes

The unique ingredient, Florimoss projects an earthy tone together with sandalwood and honeycomb, adding a depth to the floral tones.

ESCADA Joyful EDP flacon reflects the modern sophistication of the scent

The Flacon

Designed to evoke skyscrapers in the city, ESCADA Joyful flacon pays homage to city life and the opportunities that come with it. This is my kind of flacon since I love big cities and could never think of living joyfully anywhere which isn’t a big city. The countryside is fine for a few days but there’s only so much scenery I can tae before I yearn for the concrete jungle. The flacon is transparent to showcase the sweet pink fragrance and embossed upon the neck of the bottle is the iconic ‘double E’ logo, originally designed by ESCADA founder, Margaretha Ley. A pink jeweled top crowns the flacon, wrapped in a gold finish.

I like the design of the flacon more than the fragrance itself, it’s not that I dislike the fragrance but it’s a bit too floral for me and although it has better than average staying power, it could be slightly stronger and last longer.

ESCADA Joyful – The Line Up

Eau de Parfum 75ml RM355

Eau de Parfum 50ml RM275

Eau de Parfum 30ml RM196

Body Lotion 150ml RM116

Shower Gel 150ml RM104

Product reviewed is a press sample.