The Epitome Of A Stylish Fragrance : Boss Jour Pour Femme


boss jour

Fragrance bottles are becoming more elaborate these days and sometimes the design of the bottle can be nicer than the fragrance itself. Of course, it is undeniable that many of us are drawn to the fragrance bottle even before we have taken a whiff of the fragrance. Boss Jour Pour Femme comes in a slim, sleek white bottle. There’s nothing fancy about the design but I like it for the main reason that it’s so portable. I’d find it difficult to tuck away a rectangular shaped bottle in my handbag, for instance.

This latest fragrance for women from Boss is inspired by the first light of day. Boss Jour Pour Femme is using this unique moment to inspire women to seize all of their opportunities (a bit of “carpe diem” perhaps?) and create their very own stories everyday. The fragrance has an elegant composition, the scent has been created to reflect three important female facets – light, inspiration and elegant composure – brought together in a beautiful blend of white florals with vibrant citrus.

I didn’t take to it in the beginning but this is a fragrance which sort of grows on you. You may begin to like it more the longer you smell it and it really does stay on my skin and clothes for hours. This is the kind of fragrance staying power I want, not the kind that I can’t detect after an hour of wear.

These are the three facets of Boss Jour Pour Femme:-

The Light Facet

The succulent citrus freshness of grapefruit flower and lime emulates the vibrancy of the first rays of light, radiating a positive sense of anticipation.

The Inspiring Facet

A beautiful white bouquet of freesia and lily of the valley lies within the heart of this fragrance, showcasing the beauty and variety that can be created using just one simple color – perfectly representing the endless possibilities in every woman’s life. The addition of honeysuckle, known for needing bright lights for its flowering tips, represents the BOSS woman reaching to pursue all the possibilities the day may bring.

The Elegantly Composed Facet

A richer, muskier finish – with earthy notes of white birch and creamy amber – ensures a feeling of softness and mirrors the unique feminine strength and ability to always approach the day and its possibilities with elegant composure.

Once I detected the base notes (after half an hour), I grew to like the scent more as I’m quite fond of musky notes. This fragrance will appeal to those who like some floral notes but not too much of it.

BOSS JOUR POUR FEMME – The collection

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 30ml RM178

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 50ml RM256

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 75ml RM333

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme Shower Gel 200ml RM112

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme Body Lotion 200ml RM124

Boss Jour Pour Femme reviewed was a Christmas gift from P & G Prestige.