Elianto Organic Hydra Gel Cleanser


There are 4 basic care products in Elianto’s Organic Hydra range : gel cleanser, toner, serum & moist gel. I’d say the Intensive Mask in the same range is more of a special care product than basic care. Still loving that mask more than ever, in case anyone’s wondering.

Now the Gel Cleanser is described as “oil-free and soap-free” but I have to point out that it does contain sodium laureth sulfate. It’s able to remove both impurities and make-up. This is a clear gel which comes out of the tube quite runny but I didn’t need much to work up a lather.

Did it remove make-up as claimed? You know how a lot of cleansers claim to be able to do so but there’s still some residues. Not with this one, I was impressed that there was no trace of make-up left on my face when I wiped toner over my skin. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry after it’d been rinsed off either.

This is a very affordable cleanser which does not strip my skin of moisture nor irritate my eyes. I don’t use it to remove eye make-up but even when I massaged the cleanser on to my forehead and it dripped on to my eyelids, there was zero irritation.

Elianto Organic Hydra Gel Cleanser is RM43/150ml.

Product has been provided by Aivoria Group for review.