Drugstore Find Of The Week #1 : Guardian Face Mask


Yes, I know that Guardian has had its own range of sheet masks for ages but I was never tempted to purchase one to try. It had a lot to do with the price, why would I want to pay RM5.90 for a drugstore brand mask when My Beauty Diary masks were occasionally available for just RM3?

Then, Guardian had this promotion where they gave a free sheet mask with every 4 boxes of Guardian facial square purchased and that’s how I ended up with their pomegranate sheet mask.

There was a choice of lavender, green tea, chamomile or pomegranate sheet masks. I chose pomegranate because the product description states that the pomegranate extract and sodium hyaluronate replenishes skin moisture and helps to prevent the appearance of skin ageing.

Never mind that my face already bears the signs of skin ageing, I have always had a soft spot for any skincare products containing pomegranate extracts. When I opened the packet, the mask was wrapped around a plastic sheet a la My Beauty Diary masks, I wasn’t expecting that something extra so it was a pleasant surprise since it’s much easier to unwrap the mask with it.

The sheet mask wasn’t as thick as I expected and it was very moist. It was an almost perfect fit over my face. Even after half an hour of usage, the mask remained very moist. Overall, it exceeded my expectations which shows I shouldn’t be prejudiced towards drugstore brands.

It remained on my face for 45 minutes and my skin felt ultra hydrated and soft for the rest of the day. I’m going to get a couple more of this mask the next time Guardian has another “buy 2 for RM6.88” promotion.