Dior One Essential : The Daily Detox Booster


dsc_2031Daily, skin faces an onslaught of aggressors: UV rays, stress, and pollution. Dior’s solution to this problem is the One Essential Serum which detoxifies, regenerates, and boosts skin for a revitalized complexion. The key ingredient in this serum is red hibiscus from Burkina Faso which is shown to have extraordinary detoxifying power. Red Hibiscus extract is said to stimulate the recycling process of toxins that have penetrated the cell’s “lung”.

dsc_2032My sample lasted a few days and I’ll say it made my skin texture smoother. An easily absorbed serum, this would be ideal for any skin type. However, I am not convinced enough by the sample to splurge on the full size product which may or may not make my skin look younger/fresher.