DHC Mild Soap



Out of all the types of face cleansers (milk, foam, cream, oil, etc.), I have used face soaps the least times. I can count on just one hand the number of times I’ve used a face soap. I dislike leaving the soap exposed and yes, I know I can get a soap case but it’s much more convenient to use other forms of cleansers.

However, since I have small sample of DHC Mild Soap, I gave it a try. The product description on the back of the sachet doesn’t say anything about its ability to remove make-up and I rather doubted that it could but I put it to the test anyway on a layer of powder.


To get a decent amount of foam, I had to use a Facial Wash Net. It didn’t product much foam just by rubbing it between my palms. The foam is very light, airy and soft. There’s no scent despite the fact that it contains olive fruit oil and honey.

There was still powder residue on my face after the foam had been rinsed off so I was right, can’t use this soap to remove make-up. Still, it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight. This is a better than average glycerin face soap if you just want a face soap to remove dirt and grime. It can double up as a body soap but that would make it run out a lot sooner.

Retails at RM62.90/90g.