Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial



I was told that it’d be quite difficult to secure an appointment at Decleor MidValley as they are one of the more popular outlets but I had to try since I wasn’t going back to Publika where I have gone round and round the parking floors for 45 minutes without finding a park. Worst experience in a car park ever.

As luck would have it. I managed to get a morning slot at  Decleor MidValley but of course it has to be on a weekday since they’d be less accommodating on a weekend and furthermore, I know that if you want the therapist to take her time with you, it’s better to have the appointment on a weekday.

My session began with a skin analysis, the therapist held the scan thingy against my skin and discovered *lo and behold* that my skin is ultra-dry. Sorry, no surprise there. Every time I have my skin analysed, they tell me my skin is too dry so I have become immune to the negative results. Nothing I can do about it, I use so many hydrating products. It’s age and besides my skin has always been dry. I guess I’d be more surprised if they told me my skin has good hydration. The therapist described the Signature Aromaplasty Facial – there’d be a leg massage, back massage, double cleanse, scrub, extraction (if I wanted which I did), massage, mask and off I go.

I was ushered into 1 of the 5 treatment rooms. The room is spacious and I could hang my clothes on a hangar against the door. The facial gown has a slit at the back so that the therapist can administer the back massage. Mine was 10 minutes long but if I take up the package of either 5 or 10 sessions, it’s be 20 minutes. They use a massage balm which isn’t for sale. Before the back massage, the therapist massaged my lower legs briefly with the massage balm.


The double cleanse started with removing eye make-up with their Aroma Cleanse bi-phase eye makeup remover and rest of the make-up with Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Milk. This was followed with a cleansing cream which is for salon use only.

The scrub has grapefruit extracts and is also exclusive to the salon. That had a lovely fruity scent and added to the sensorial experience. The steam machine was left on for a few minutes and then it was extraction time. Not too painful even when she extracted my tiny pimples.

I guess the best part is the massage which is pressure point, the therapist places pressure on certain parts of the face which can feel a little painful but bearable for me. There are some pinching motions too, quite relaxing so much so I almost dozed off. The massage takes about 20 minutes. The AROMESSENCE™ NEROLI is used for the facial massage but other AROMESSENCE™ are used if your main concern isn’t skin dehydration. Actually, I would have loved to try the AROMESSENCE™ IRIS which is for firming but every therapist seems to think my main concern is more dehydration than sagging skin.

Then it’s on with  a base mask and another mask over gauze which is left on for 15 minutes. There’s a brief hand massage and the therapist leaves the room. Altogether, it takes about 2 hours which is not too long nor too short.

After the session, the therapist tries to sell me their packages/products even though I informed her I have an existing package elsewhere. Undeterred, she said I can alternate my facials but sorry, not at the moment. A little pushy perhaps but I don’t blame them, they need to try their best to persuade the 1st time customer to sign up.


  1. ultra dry? it doesn’t seem that dry to me. As for me, it is always “ultra sensitive” and acne prone but most always disregard the acne prone one =(