D-Narn Spa Soaps



If there’s one beauty product I can’t resist nowadays, it’s fancy handmade soaps with exotic scents and if there’s one country with plenty of these products, it’s Thailand which is like spa heaven. Some of these soaps can be quite pricey, I went to a shop in MBK which had loads of such soaps and each one was around RM20 but I got these 6 D-Narn Spa soaps for 330 baht. You can buy then individually but getting 6 of them works out to be cheaper. Everything in Thailand is a lot cheaper if you buy more than 1.

D-Narn is a small shop in Chatuchak Market, I am sure I may never stumble upon it again since I always get hopelessly lost there. Their soaps are beautiful and smell so fantastic that it took me some time to decide on these 6 pieces.I have never seen an Iced Tea soap before and Moke Flower is a must-have scent from Thailand as this scent seems to be quite common in Thailand but not available here.

The soaps are wrapped in clear celllophane, not much fancy packaging here. The cellophane tended to stick to the soaps when I started unwrapping them. I started using Coconut and Mango first and they didn’t hold very well, breaking into quarters after a few uses. Funnily enough, I didn’t have the same problem with the rest of the soaps. Each one lasted about 2-3 weeks with daily use. I don’t think I would go back for these again as some of them broke easily but the shop has other products I’d like to take a closer look at.

D-Narn is located at Chatuchak Market Section 19 Sol 7/1 No 203-204.



  1. Hi, I also bought some those soaps in my last traveling(in China). I really like them. Do you have any idea how to purchase them agian? Online stores would be great!