Cyber Colors MegaCurl Mascara


A few months ago, Cyber Colors extended its cosmetics collection with the addition of their Gemstone blushers and eyeshadow palettes, a few of which I have and will review another day. However, their MegaCurl Mascara Volumizing and Curling has been around for some time prior to these recent additions.

Any mascara which touts itself as volumizing and curling sounds promising. This mascara wand takes the form of a fine comb which is great for reaching those sparse lashes. It kind of reminded me of  Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes Hello Kitty Mascara’s wand.

I’ve taken pictures of each eye, an eyelash curler used on one eye and not used on the other so you can see whether the mascara curls well without the usage of a curler. I’d say an eyelash curler is necessary to optimise the results because you won’t get close to a dramatic curl without.

Left eye (eyelash curler used) 


Left eye smudged

Right eye (lashes not curled)

Right eye smudged 

The mascara comb wand manages to separate the lashes without undue clumping but as the name of the mascara suggests, this is a mascara which volumizes more than it lengthens. Much as I like the appearance of thicker lashes, I have a major issue with it because it smudged my undereye area within an hour of application.

There are very few mascaras I’ve tried which remain smudge and budge-proof all day. This certainly isn’t one of them. Has anyone tried this mascara and had the same problem as me?

Price : RM59.90

Made in Italy/6g


  1. I just bought it today and already tried! i really like it. its thickens the lashes but still feel light. some mascara makes the eyelashes feel kinda hard and dry but not this. But i do not have any smudge problem though. quite impress with this one..

    • Thanks for dropping by. Luckily you don’t have that smudging problem & I’m glad you like it. Tried any other Cyber Colors products?

  2. Thanks for the review, almost gonna get this mascara.. I have undereye smudging problem too grr..! Any mascara that is not giving you this problem so far?
    Tried their gemstones colours too!

    • How do you find their gemstone colours? I have a few gemstone eyeshadow and blush palettes up for review soon. Drugstore mascara which have not smudged on me – L’oreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara. Then there’s also Palgantong Zebra Eyes Mascara and bareMinerals Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara.