Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose Body Cream Is Lush & Luxe


You know that this is a going to be a rich and luxurious body cream even before you open the cover to take a sniff. The sumptuous jar itself is bulky and heavy. Forget about taking this jar on a trip. The only way is to scoop some out into a smaller container. I do like the design of the jar though as it’s kind of vintage. Would not have looked out of place on a lady’s dressing table early last century.

According to the product description on the box, this body cream is inspired by the Evelyn Rose, bred for Crabtree & Evelyn. The body cream has Crabtree’s signature scent featuring a heart of uniquely scented Evelyn Rose petals and peach nectar, surrounded by an elegant jasmine and violet accord with accents of bergamot and sensuous amber.

Twist open the lid and the scent is predominantly rose. The cream is thick and so luxurious that I am reluctant to dip my fingers into it lest I spoil the perfection of the surface. The scent is nothing less than intoxicating and this sensation of luxury is only heightened by the application of the cream. As the texture is so rich, I only need a little for my arms and legs.

If I apply it all over my body, I will really smell like a rose garden. The scent is beautiful, not cloying but fresh. My skin feels silky smooth without any trace of stickiness. For anyone who loves floral scents and roses in particular, this body cream is the perfect indulgence.

Retails at RM185/170g.

Product is a press sample.