Collection Cosmetics Work The Colour Shadow Pencil Midnight Glam



Being someone whose eyeliners constantly smudge. I am always on the look-out for waterproof eyeliners but even then, there is no guarantee that they won’t leave unsightly black marks on my under-eye area so it’s better if I purchase a drugstore eyeliner under RM50 to try out rather than one which is almost RM100 only to be left disappointed.

So Collection Cosmetics Work The Colour Shadow Pencil sounds promising as it’s waterproof and it’s under RM25 (swatches have been provided earlier). With 6 shades to choose from, you can choose between light to dark shades. I just had to get Midnight Glam because it can double up as eyeliner.

just applied4 hrs later

just app4 hoursIt’s creamy and soft, really nice to use because there’s no dragging or pulling the eyelids. I so dislike pencils which take a few swipes before the colour shows up nicely on my eyelids. With this pencil, one swipe is all it takes.

With the humidity, there is slight smudging after 2 hours but not as obvious as some other eyeliners I have used. I wouldn’t say I get panda eyes from this liner. There’s a slight stain but it’s not that bad. For a product that is below RM25, I can’t really complain other than that I wish it was still cheaper since it retails for around £3 in UK drugstores.


  1. not bad for a drugstore brand and since it only cost below RM25, really can’t ask much. Still it only smudge a bit after 2 hours is really not bad and the colour is intense enough.