Coesam Korea



There are certain aspects of blogging that I seriously abhor to the very core of my being but I realized that what has kept me going (till I don’t know when) is being able to discover new brands and bringing it back to the blog to share with others. There is some small satisfaction in that. Most of the time, I don’t even get samples from these brands but it doesn’t matter because it’s good to know about new brands or potential new brands.

Coesam Korea was at the recent IBE 2015 and they are a brand which specialises in rosehip products. I liked the packaging as they look more expensive than they actually are and judging from the crowd there, I think a lot of them were also curious to find out more about the benefits of rosehip oil, not that we don’t have rosehip products in the market.





Coesam Korea’s star product is the Premium Rosehip Capsule Oil and yes, they reminded me of those capsules from Elizabeth Arden but while those are serum, this is rosehip oil. Rosehip oil has a natural moisturizing effect and plumping effect on wrinkles. They are in capsule form so that they are always kept fresh, no contamination unlike if they were contained in a bottle. There’s also no chance of accidental spillage. The capsules are oxidation-proof. During the promo, the container of 60 capsules (for 60 days) was only retailing at RM100.

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Rosehips are a source of Vitamin C so many beauty companies use them in skincare products as they have skin softening as well as brightening properties. Rosehips are the fruits of roses and have many health benefits including preventing infections from bacterias and viruses, treating wounds and inflammations.


This Rosehip Seed Cleansing Oil was retailing at RM78. It contains no mineral oil or artificial surfactants.


The Rosehip Seed Powder Wash is an enzyme powder recommended for oily skins. Also for sensitive skins easily irritated by exfoliants.


The rosehip candles are beautiful, they come in 3 scents – fresh sake, green herb and rose blossom.


In order to have one bottle of precious rosehip oil of 20ml, 40,000 rosehip flowers must bloom and wither, forming 40,000 fruits to be harvested for 12 hours. Coesam’s rosehips are produced in Chile.

Currently Coesam Korea is looking for business opportunities and distributors in Malaysia.