Support “Clarins We Care” Programme


Since 17 years ago, Clarins Malaysia started a yearly local initiative named We Care Charity Program. This program has been dedicated in supporting children through providing them with the essential educational tools in helping them to acquire knowledge and wisdom.

Do you know that 49.2% of Orang Asli are illiterate? More than 25% Orang Asli children drop-out in primary and high school. These statement have proved that children and youth from Orang Asli backgrounds are missing out on crucial education which will bring them out of poverty. Therefore, it is imperative to support Orang Asli children in order to make their life brighter and more beautiful.

In 2015, Clarins launched the We Care Charity Programme and partnered with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, an award-winning humanitarian organization dedicated to serve, educate and empower rural and urban communities across the country, the collaboration developed a Precision Teaching Programme to support the education of Orang Asli children at the SOLS-BMF Gombak Community Centre.

This year, the partnership continues and we will roll-out a whole new Learning Together Programme tailored to the individual and developmental needs of the Orang Asli children in the SOLS-BMF Gombak Community Centre. As this is the second year, this programme will benefit 25-30 children age between 7 to 12 years old. The programme highlights two types of classes which focus on fluency training and soft skills.

Two type of classes will be conducted which include Remedial Classes and Brain Gym Classes. Remedial Classes is a fluency training for students that encounter difficulties in keeping up with rest of class, it is essential for the basic component skills (eg: letter sounds) to be fluent in order for a complex skill (eg: reading words) to improve. Brain Gym Classes is for students that performing at an average level or better to improve executive function skills such as working memory, organization, flexibility, planning and prioritizing, these soft skills will in return help to improve their school performance.

“Playing our part as a society, we should be aware and concern towards the needs of less fortunate children surrounding us. We look forward in giving the best we could back to them”, said Gillian Tyo, General Manager of Clarins Malaysia. “We hope to raise RM60,000 from this fund-raising. By supporting this worthy cause, you will make a real, visible and immediate difference to the lives of children”, she added.

Clarins We Care Charity programme will start its fund-raising from 1st November 2016 till 31st December 2016. Customers are able to lend a helping hand through purchasing a Tonic Body Balm (200ml) or Eau Ressourcante Silky-Smooth Body Cream (200ml) at only RM60 each. Available at all Clarins Skin Spas and counters nationwide. All proceeds from the sales will go towards funding the education programme for Orang Asli children.