Clarins New Extra-Firming Range




Just as Ponce de León tried to do hundreds of years ago, most of us are on a quest for the “Fountain of Youth” or at least for products that will improve the appearance of our ageing skin. For some of us, ageing is accelerated by factors such as prolonged sun exposure & environmental aggressors. Ponce de León never did discover the Fountain of Youth but at least he found Florida.

Clarins’ introduced their first anti-ageing cream in 1978 and since then there have only been a few more improvements on the original formula. You know how some brands seem to come up with improvements on their serums or moisturisers every other year or even every few years? I think it’s testament to Clarins’ careful and meticulous research that the anti-ageing moisturiser has seen just 2 incarnations since 1978, the last one being in 2005.

clarins extra firming

The new Extra-Firming range has 2 moisturisers – the Day Cream & Night Cream. They contain powerful plant extracts that help to reinforce key elements of skin structure in two fronts, resulting in an immediate lifting effect:-

Reconnecting link 1: Collagen fibres to dermal cells
Reconnecting link 2: Elastic fibres and collagen fibres

Extra Firming Day

There are two Extra Firming Day – a lighter one for all skin types which is the one featured above and a special one for dry skin which is a bit richer and more concentrated. I believe most people would go for the first version. I certainly find the “all skin types” one hydrating enough for me. The scent is a combination of floral, it relaxes me when I inhale the scent. It’s been specially formulated to meet the needs of Asian women, texture and scentwise.

These two main ingredients help to rebuild the multi-links for a strengthened firmness and maintain the skin structure whilst avoiding sagging and loss of elasticity by reinforcing links and connections across fibres and cells:-

Green banana extract:

  • Reinforces the link between fibroblast and collagen fibre.
  • Strengthens the connections with dermal cells.

Lemon thyme extract:

  • Reinforces connection between elastic fibre and collagen fibre.
  • Helps to preserve the link between fibres.

I’ve been using this cream together with the Double Serum for the past two weeks and have noticed that my skin is firmer, plumper and less prone to sagging especially around the bottom half of my face. The Double Serum has actually worked better for me this second time round because it’s used together with the Extra -Firming Day. It  seems to boost the Extra-Firming products and my skin generally feels smoother, brighter and more supple.


Extra-Firming Night

This is a rejuvenating cream that further reinforces the Extra-Firming Day help maintain a youthful looking face and further prevent the deepening of wrinkles. It provides protection at skin potential at what Clarins describes as “golden timing” when skin’s regeneration process is at its peak between 2am – 4am.

The key ingredient here is rice peptides for preserving the skin’s regeneration potential through these actions:-

  • Protect the environment of stem cells
  • Extend the lifespan of these stem cells

What I do notice is that my skin looks more hydrated, refined, well rested and radiant the next morning so the Exra-Firming Night must be working on my skin. I’m not using any whitening skincare yet my skin looks more even toned. The Extra-Firming Night also has a version for dry skin.

Overview of the Extra-Firming range

Both creams have a velvety smooth and soft feel. They are really economical as I don’t need much of either cream per application. They sink into my skin quickly leaving it well nourished with hydration. Both creams are tailor made to suit Asians’ skins so that skin looks matte after application. The fragrance of the creams is unique and would appeal to anyone who loves floral scents. Extra-Firming Day provides fresh, feminine notes of rose and camellia while Extra-Firming Night has the subtle, soothing fragrance of lily of the valley, jasmine and iris.

I have been applying the creams & Double Serum by cupping my face and patting them on with my palms. This seems to allow the products to absorb better and there’s no tugging of my skin which can potentially cause sagging. As the Day and Night Creams retail at RM300 each, it may not be possible to get both at the same time but if there is just one cream you might want to consider, it’d be the Day Cream. I have been using the Day Cream more than the Night Cream as I only have samples of the Night Cream. Both creams do feel luxurious and my skin feels cushioned, it’s beginning to feel less dry especially during the day when I have a layer of make-up on. Overall, my skin elasticity has improved with plumper-looking skin.

If you’d like to try Clarins Extra-Firming Day & Night, samples are available here.

Review is based on full-size Double Serum, Extra-Firming Day and samples of Extra-Firming Night courtesy of Clarins Malaysia.