Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream & Body Lotion


If there’s one thing I like more than Clarins skincare, it’s their bodycare and I do like Clarins skincare a lot. Although this isn’t an ultra luxe brand, the bodycare smells and feels uber-luxe on skin. The combination of plant extracts used in Clarins bodycare gives much needed and deserved pampering. Just about everyone knows about their famous “Tonic” Body Treatment Oil which contains 100% pure plant extracts.

Then there’s their Extra-Firming Body Cream & Body Lotion which essentially have the same purpose. dual firming and toning action. They are said to help recapture the streamlined, toned appearance of youthful body contours.

The only difference that I can see between the Extra-Firming Body Cream & Body Lotion is that the Cream comes in a tub and has a thicker texture while the Lotion comes in a tube and has a thinner (not runny) texture. Both have the same gorgeous scent of lemon thyme extract.

It all depends on whether you like your body products in a cream or lotion form. If you live in a dry and cold climate, then you may wish to take the Cream but for tropical climates, the lotion seems like a better choice. Either way, both products are excellent for softening skin although I can’t comment on the long-term firming effects as I’ve only got sachet samples of the same.

Both products are 200ml/RM225.