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Who doesn’t prefer handmade soaps over commercial soaps? No doubt, commercial soaps are cheaper but they can also be awfully harsh on skin and if you have sensitive skin, those soaps are definitely not going to help your skin condition. Although I don’t have sensitive skin, the skin on my hands have peeled when I use certain brands of commercial soaps which is why whenever possible, I try and use handmade soaps which are much kinder to skin.

Claire Organics Red Ginseng Soap has anti-wrinkle and revitalizing properties. Ginseng in skincare can tone and revitalize skin, help balance the oil gland production and smooth fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin. Used as an anti-aging skin treatment, ginseng contains a large number of phytonutrients that stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism and blood flow to regenerate and tone. This soap is very gentle on face and body, the foam feels very soft and I feel my skin is nourished by it. The embossed design on the soap is so pretty. It looks so nice that I was quite reluctant to start using the soap. The scent is mild but relaxing.

Ingredients : Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Aqua, Korea Red Ginseng Powder, Rose Hips Powder, Australia Pink Clay, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang, Ginger, Lemongrass, Lavender, Bergamot

RM26 each bar

Best for face & body • Normal skin

100g (+/- 10g)

* Vegan soap against animal testing. Each bar is manually cut and carefully cured for 45 days. Superfatted 5% with Sweet Almond Oil (Superfatting makes a rich emollient soap: moisturizing, soothing, softening)

Claire Organics has kindly sponsored 2 bars of Red Ginseng Soap to Juniper’s Journal readers.

All you have to do is leave a comment on handmade soaps, e.g. have you used any before, do you like or not like them and why do you like or not like them.

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page 


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2. Giveaway ends at 11.59pm Sunday 27th April 2014.                     .

3. Winner will be contacted via email once results are announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

4. Prize will be dispatched by Claire Organics directly.

Updated 28th April 2014:-

Thanks to everyone who participated in this Giveaway. The winners are:-


Ie Lane Tey




  1. I have been using lavender handmade soap, it is great for distress the mind, revitalize skin and soothe the body with its sweet scent. Love anything natural ^^

  2. I have tried handmade and I fall in love with them. One of the reason it is because these usually are gentle to the skin and doesn’t dry my skin like those commercial soap. Sometimes I even get allergic because it was too drying to my sensitive skin. This never happen to me when I am using handmade soap and of course I love them =) .The price is sure worth it rather than the trip to see the dermatologist and pain. I find that handmade soap has really beautiful, delicious design that made feel like just like keeping it for decoration purposes. =P

  3. nope. i haven’t tried on any handmade soaps before. but i constantly hear that it’s more gentle to the skin and usually non-drying. without harmful chemicals, handmade soaps are suitable for people with serious skin conditions. one of the reason that i never tried on handmade soaps though i know so many goodness about them, is that i don’t have a clue on the proper way to store the soap so that it can last longer.

  4. I haven’t used much handmade soap. But the little I’ve tried have left me with good impressions, leaving my hands soft and sweet smelling. Having handmade soap with anti-wrinkle properties would help with all the laugh lines I’ve ignored on my forehead over the years.

  5. The first handmade soap that I used is the Claire Organics Mulberry yogurt soap that I got as birthday present by my friends. It is so kind and moisturizing for my skin. Another plus point is it is free from conventional chemical ingredients in normal soaps or body shampoo. Ever since, I’ve been using handmade soaps with much love.

  6. My cousin’s wife makes handmade soaps and I just love them! They always smell so gorgeous and they’re super kind on my skin, I barely need to use lotion after a shower. Simply can’t get enough of them 🙂

  7. I love handmade soaps because it’s more gentle on the skin. Handmade soaps are extremely nourishing and doesn’t leave my skin dry unlike commercially-made ones. The handmade soap also emits a really nice scent which can help to make my bathroom smell better. Its also more environmentally friendly so it doesn’t only benefit me but Mother Nature too as its not made out of any synthetic materials.

  8. Handmade soaps are so inviting to me because they are made with care and love. I had bought products from Claire Organics several times and it’s really a pleasure using these handmade soaps. They are gentle and natural. They are environmentally friendly. They smell good. What’s not to love about them, really? =)

  9. I adore handmade soaps. It definitely make shower time an indulgence, whether in the morning or after a long day out. With so many variants available, there’s one to suit every skintype and mood. One of the best handmade soap I’ve used is this lemongrass & ginger soap bar with oatmeal in it, to give a nice ‘scrubby’ feel. It smells heavenly.

  10. Hello!

    I have never tried any handmade soap before but I have heard many good comments on them. I would be more than glad to start using them because as a chemical engineer, I understand how much chemicals are inside one bar of soap. These chemicals might not be poisonous and hazardous to our health, but it will affect the hydration and moisturization level of our skin cells. Thus, handmade soap can be another alternatives to have a healthier skin.

  11. My comments on handmade soaps:
    I have used them before, and I do like them because it is more gentle to my skin. Compared to commercial soaps that I have a hard time understanding its ingredients, handmade soaps uses ingredients that makes sense to me 🙂 At first it was a bit awkward using soap bar for my hair but I was ok after a few tries. It is a bit inconvenient when I travel.