Cesar Dog Food Really Doesn’t Travel Well At All Despite Good Packaging


dsc_9290I’ve purchased Cesar dog food from many pet food suppliers on Shopee and while some don’t provide good packaging to protect the cans, others like box that arrived today are packed so well that there shouldn’t be any dents. However this box proves that no matter how well the cans are packed, the dents are inevitable and unavoidable.

Before this seller shipped out, I requested the seller to please stick a “Fragile” sticker on the parcel as I didn’t want any accidents to the cans. The last thing I want is to request for a refund because the cans are damaged. The box arrived today (I ordered on 25/12) and it was so well sealed with a “Fragile” sticker all around the box.

There was even bubble wrap inside the box covering all the cans. Even so, some of the cans had dents and one or two badly dented too. I could also feel some liquid on one of the cans and there was a meaty smell on my fingers after touching the can. Not saying the seller is to blame for inadequate packaging because it isn’t the case at all here but these Cesar cans seem to be unshippable without some dents.