Celmonze Effi Tea Treatment



Many people I know are unable to consume tea as it causes insomnia but I can down a whole pot of organic white tea before bedtime and still snooze like a log. That’s my daily ritual after dinner. I’ve never had much of an insomnia problem even if I drink coffee in the evenings.

A number of skincare brands have incorporated white tea as the key ingredient because of its antioxidant benefits. When I thought of brands with white tea in their skincare, Origins came to mind. Celmonze has a new range, Effi Tea which was designed to battle free radicals. Free radicals cause damage at cellular level and is known to be the leading culprit of skin sensitivity, irritation, congestion and dehydration. It even slows down skin regeneration, which leads to dull and uneven skin tone, and premature aging too.

Effi Tea is designed to fortify skin’s natural defense system by super boosting its ability to fight back with White Tea the youngest tea leaf with the highest level of antioxidants and 3 times more polyphenol than even Green Tea. Effi Tea’s natural defense system is boosted with a potent ammo of plants, flowers and seaweed extracts to charge up skin with 6 times more immunity against environmental invasion, day after day. Effi Tea is beneficial for sensitive, irritated, congested or dehydrated skin with premature aging signs.

Celmonze invited me to review their new Effi Tea Treatment in their equally spanking new Monz Salon located at The Boulevard, MidValley City. It’s a 2+ hours facial so you have to not be in a hurry to go anywhere the same day to enjoy this treatment. It’s best to have had a heavy breakfast or lunch otherwise you might be thinking of food. It’s a long treatment because there are 2 masks (each for 15 minutes duration) applied. There’s no steaming for the extraction but to my surprise, the beautician managed to extract without using too much force.


So as usual, the process begins with cleansing. This was followed by the Effi Tea Exfoliating Gel – it’s this product that softens the blackheads to the extent that a steamer isn’t necessary prior to the extraction process. It was left on my face for 5 minutes before the beautician massaged it away. It increases enzyme and amino acid activity.

After she’d wiped away the Exfoliating Gel, the beautician applied some of the Ampoule (it’d be divided into 2 applications, the next time she used it was after the 2nd mask towards the end of the facial). The Ampoule (also known as the Concentrate) is a potent free-radical arrestor, strengthens skin immunity and boosts cell regeneration. It’s available as a set of 5 at RM198 and recommended to be used once a week. It may seem like a lot but one is supposed to apply it layer by layer.

After the beautician had pressed the Ampoule into my thirsty skin, she applied the Complex for reinforcing antioxidant protection, reviving collagen production and restoring skin glow. I like the scent and gel texture of the Complex, it feels lightweight yet effective for restoring hydration.


Next it was on with the Effi Tea Mask (powder contents in a sachet) + Effi Tea Activator. Most salons mix their powder masks with distilled water but Celmonze uses the Activator (in a tube) instead. If you are claustrophobic, you probably wouldn’t like this mask as it covers your eyes as well and feels rubbery when it dries. It fortifies defense against free radicals, increases cellular vitality & elasticity, stimulates healing process, soothes and calms. It felt very cool as the beautician applied it with a brush. It comes off in one piece after 15 minutes.

While the first mask is for professional use only (after all you can’t possibly apply as it should be applied if you have your eyes closed), the second mask is available for consumer use. It’s the Effi Tea Cream Mask which is an intense anti-oxidant booster, activates cellular energy, stimulates cell repair, replenishes deep hydration, soothes away inflammation and restore youthful elasticity. This mask had the nicest scent and was the one that made me feel more hungry. It smells totally yummy! While this mask was on, the beautician massaged my face, it was a firm massage which I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed. Then she massaged my back and shoulders. Instant relief for my stiff joints! Any facial which includes a good back and shoulder massage ranks highly in my books.

After the Cream Mask had been removed, the beautician applied the rest of the Ampoule followed by the Complex. I like how she applied the products with massage motions and not just slapping them on like some other facials I have been to. My skin felt so warm and good after the final product, sunscreen had been applied. I could really feel the micro-circulation going from all the massage I had received.


The result? I think I looked okay without a tinge of makeup and that’s how my skin remained the rest of the day even though I had an event to cover after the facial. Do we really need makeup if our skin looks good? I don’t think so & thanks to Celmonze, my skin looked much better than it did before. It was a memorable facial for all the right reasons.

Monz Salon at The Boulevard has 6 treatment rooms which can accommodate 8 customers at a time. Celmonze Effi Tea Treatment retails at RM480, there is a 30% discount for 1st time customers.


Unit 33-1, The Boulevard,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 2202 0369