Celcom Does It Again & I Wonder Why I Fall For It Each Time


screenshot_20180312-153829I think that most of us are constantly deluged with all sorts of offers and promotions by our mobile service provider, be it free Internet or calls/sms. I get a barrage of offers from Celcom, the latest being the above. 10 days extra validity by reloading a minimum of RM5? Sounds too good to be true? I wondered if I should give them the benefit of my doubt. Unfortunately I did even though I have been ‘burnt’ by them before previously where they promised free credit if I reloaded within a certain period. Then I had to trouble myself by calling them and being given the run around, the usual “we will look into the matter within 5-14 business days” kind of excuse.

Based on the sms above, I reloaded yesterday and surprise surprise (NOT) I didn’t get my EXTRA VALIDITY today. I doubt I will. After all, this company loves to send sms offers to their customers which mean NOTHING to them.

This time, I send a complaint via Celcom’s website instead of calling (why should I waste 50sen on my credit on something that is THEIR fault?) and someone called me within an hour of my complaint. She asked me to send a screenshot of their sms offer to their email which is contactus@celcom.com.my. I did so and within a few seconds, it bounced back with this message:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:


Send us your enquiry at “https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/helpsupport/contactus/contactus-form

Your message wasn’t delivered because the email admin for the organization ‘celcom.com.my‘ created an email rule restriction. Please contact the email admin for that organization and ask them to remove or update the rule restriction.

Helloooo? Can’t even get their email in order and ask customers to send to that email? I am not falling for any Celcom offer again, EVER.