Buffet Breakfast At Resort Cafe Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa


dscn2184Nothing quite like a satisfying and filling buffet breakfast to start the weekend and last Saturday, I was with my friend at Resort Cafe Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for their breakfast spread. The cafe has so many tables that the wait staff communicate with each other through walkie-talkies to assign tables. However, they are well co-ordinated and we didn’t have to wait long for a table even though the cafe was bustling with activity.

There are separate areas for the breads, Western and Asian foods. The egg station was popular as was the “chee cheong fun” station as they are prepared fresh. Good selection of cereals, there was an abundance of cereals.


The salad bar had a good selection of vegetables and over the salad bar were colourful tiffin carriers, they look so pretty. I liked the smoked salmon, the first helping anyway because the second helping from a refilled platter tasted sticky and unpalatable.