Boryeong Mud Real Mud Mask Sheet



Those of us who are fans of K-dramas will have noticed that the actresses have glowing, flawless, radiant, baby-soft skin which some of us can only dream of. Come to think of it, how to achieve that kind of perfection when we have this kind of climate year round? Oh, to have a cool climate if only for a few weeks.

At Boryeong Mud Nu Sentral, we were introduced to Boryeong Mud Real Mud Mask Sheet which is a collagen sheet containing the mud for which Boryeong is so well known for, of course. This sheet mask is quite big and doesn’t look like the average white sheet mask we are used to seeing.

real mud mask

real mud boryeong

Don’t you think it looks quite unique? I’m going to try this soon and let you know what I think.

Boryeong Mud Real Mud Mask Sheet is available in single sheets at RM23 or a box of 10 sheets at RM209.