Bloop Magic Magnets


You know how you can sometimes be looking for one product and end up buying more than what you need? That happened to me at Watson’s when I was looking for eye makeup remover. I chanced upon Bloop nail polish @ RM18.90 each. They have a lot of choices but the product that really caught my eye was the box of Magic Magnets @ RM18.90.

I won’t go into the details of what they are and how they work since the images below are self-explanatory:-

I know I’ve said before that I am not a big fan of nail polish but this product was so intriguing, magnets that can create 3 different patterns on my nails? I just had to try this so I purchased a box together with their magnetic nail polish, there happened to be 1 bottle of teal that would be simply perfect.

Couldn’t wait to put this to the test so I whipped out the magnets from the box as soon as I got home. I was well aware that the magnets could only be used on wet nail polish so I had to act fast. I applied the nail polish on one hand and quickly took one magnet and placed it over the 1st nail I’d applied nail polish on.

10 seconds passed, 15 seconds passed, nothing happened. The surface of my nails was as smooth as when I first applied the nail polish. Huh? Maybe I wasn’t using them properly or not long enough? I tried each magnet and placed them over my nails for longer than 20 seconds, still nothing. I thought I had better not apply nail polish on all the fingers before using the magnet so on the other hand, I applied the nail polish on one finger first, quickly placed the magnet over that finger and still nothing!

There’s nothing worse than having your expectations shattered. I googled the name of the product and couldn’t find anything. Googled bloop’s contact number and email and could find nothing so I had no choice but to go back to Watson’s. I knew I’d have a tough time asking them for an exchange of product. I didn’t want another box of magnets, I wanted one of their nail polish since I wasn’t about to go home with another box of the same thing with the same results or non-results.

Sure enough, at Watson’s the cashier asked me if I’d used the product. Well, if I hadn’t, how would I know it didn’t work? I explained the mechanics of how the product worked and she had to consult with a few other brand reps. Silkygirl girl said I’d have to trot over to the Bloop outlet at Fahrenheit 88 (I was at Watson’s Pavilion) to ask them for an explanation as this wasn’t Watson’s problem. Huh?

One of the other brand reps said I couldn’t get a refund of the product but could get an exchange of product. That’s what I’d been getting at from the very beginning. I really don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get through to people. Of course I knew I wouldn’t get a refund, says so on the back of the receipt which also said goods could be returned in their original condition within 7 days of purchase for an exchange and my product was definitely in its original condition since it hadn’t touched my nails and the seal wasn’t broken simply because there was no seal on the box nor was there any cling film over it.

Finally, the cashier agreed that I could exchange it for something of equal value which of course was another bottle of nail polish. Problem solved but not before everyone went into a huddle and discussed the matter. I think we still have a long way to go before we can have the same consumer rights as the UK and US. Perhaps we’ll never get to that level.